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Monkey Puzzle

Author: Illustrator: Axel Scheffler

Can butterfly help little monkey find his mum? Yes, finally, but only after a lot of trial and error as butterfly misunderstands monkey's descriptions and leads him to all sorts of unsuitable animals.Monkey Puzzle is a charming jungle tale with the hallmark rhyming text of Julia Donaldson and lively illustrations of Axel Scheffler, creators of The Gruffalo.

Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Format: Paperback
Published: 1st August 2000
Number of Pages: 135

ISBN-13: 9780333720011

Age Ranking
  1. #682 of 1540 books for 1 year olds
  2. #750 of 1512 books for 9 year olds
  3. #788 of 1825 books for 2 year olds
  4. #888 of 1864 books for 6 year olds
  5. #1084 of 2308 books for 4 year olds
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15th March '15
Read to children aged 6 & 9
Monkey Puzzle 9780333720011
5 stars
I love this book because you can read it to any child up to 12. It is easy reading but fun as you can use voices to show how irritated and inpatient the monkey is getting. It also looks at comparisons of animals for younger children. A classic but fun Julia Donaldson book- make sure you get the child to guess what the next character could be- it makes them think.
23rd October '15
I read it to LewisT aged 1
Monkey Puzzle 9780333720011
5 stars
My 22 month old son loves this book, he has started reciting it to me when I mention Monkeys! The story is lovely, the illustrations are colourful & fab - we both love this book... I love the end, it makes me feel really special!
15th November '14
I read it to BB_3 aged 2
Monkey Puzzle 9780333720011
5 stars
We love Monkey Puzzle! I am in awe of Julia Donaldson's ability to rhyme words, each time I read it, to create such a charming story. It follows the journey of a little monkey who has lost his mum and enlists the help of a butterfly to find her. The rhyming nature of the book makes it easy to remember so much that my two year old fills in the words if I stop reading. Every toddler should have this book in their library.
7th February '16
Train boy read it aged 4
Monkey Puzzle 9780333720011
5 stars
Monkey puzzle was the first Julia Donaldson book we owned and it is one of our favorites. It is a simple story about a monkey who has lost his mum and enlists the help of moth to help him find her. Since non of Moth's babies look like her (caterpillars!) this isn't quite a straightforward as it should be! Moth thinks any animal, including a spider and elephant could be monkey's mum!
My four year old adores this book and he recites much of it along with me reading. It is a beautiful rhyming story with fabulous illustrations. It is good fun, and fun for the children to explain why each animal can't be monkey's mum. 
I would recommend Monkey puzzle - a classic for the bookshelf.
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