Book pages Merhorses and Bubbles

Merhorses and Bubbles

Author: Illustrator: Marion Lindsay

With magical animals, science, mystery, and adventure -- the brand new series Zoey and Sassafras has something for everyone! Easy-to-read language and illustrations on nearly every page make this series perfect for a wide range of ages. In the third book of this series, Zoey and Sassafras head to the stream only to make a terrible discovery. Things get even more urgent when they learn that the magical creatures living in the stream are in danger! Can Zoey and Sassafras solve the mystery of the stream and save the Merhorses?

Publisher: The Innovation Press
Format: Hardback
Published: 14th March 2017
Number of Pages: 96

ISBN-13: 9781943147182

Age Ranking
  1. #878 of 1864 books for 6 year olds
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12th February '18
Leia read it aged 6
Merhorses and Bubbles 9781943147182
5 stars
My daughter and i love this book series so much! This is book 3 (we haven't read the second so it seems ok to read them up out of order). Like her mother, Zoey can see magical creatures. In this book she and her family come to the aid of a group of merhorses living in the nearby stream. Zoey is a scientist and carries out experiments to works out that the stream is being polluted. It's very good at introducing carrying out scientific experiments to young children in a friendly and easy to understand way. The book is very well written, my daughter had no problem reading this herself. The are illustrations on most pages too which is lovely. Wonderful book, should be on everyones bookshelf!
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