Book pages Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes

Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes

Authors: , Illustrator: Erica Salcedo

The second, epically funny adventure starring Murph Cooper and the Super Zeroes from Greg James and Chris Smith

Not all heroes have superpowers.

Don't believe us? Well Murph Cooper is living proof. Since becoming Kid Normal, he and the Super Zeroes have been catching baddies all over the place. But being a hero is about to get a whole lot harder ...

Far away in a top-secret prison, the world's most feared supervillain has broken a thirty year silence. His first words?

'Bring Kid Normal to me!'

Praise for Kid Normal:

'So funny, it's almost criminal' INDEPENDENT

'Outrageous capers' GUARDIAN

The first book in the Kid Normal series was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2018

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Paperback
Published: 22nd March 2018
Number of Pages: 416

ISBN-13: 9781408884553

Age Ranking
  1. #171 of 428 books for 12 year olds
  2. #286 of 1624 books for 9 year olds
  3. #632 of 806 books for 11 year olds
  4. #807 of 1938 books for 7 year olds
8 Book reviews
13th March '18
korben read it aged 9
Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes 9781408884553
5 stars
korben loved reading this book. Despite not reading the first book he really enjoyed this one and wants to read the first book.  it is full of adventure and some really funny parts, highly recommend this book.  who doesn't love super heroes.
6th March '18
BenS246 read it aged 12
Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes 9781408884553
5 stars
Fantastically funny book that Ben absolutely loved reading, would highly recommend 
18th March '18
TopLegomaster read it aged 7
Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes 9781408884553
5 stars
MThis is an madventure story about a group of children who are super heroes but people don’t believe in them so they are known as the super zeroes. They are led by a boy called Murph who I really liked. Their mission is to try to work out what the super baddie called Magpie is trying to do and stop him. 
There are lots of characters and I think it would have been useful to read the first book (this is the second) first, and to help me understand their previous mission. 
There are some cool illustrations but the book is very funny in the way it is written. In fact I laughed out loud lots of times. 
The adventure story is quite complicated so I would recommend it for ages 7 up. Boys like me would especially like it. I especially liked the idea of having capes as a superhero and having them taken off you. 
The great thing is that if you do find it funny and fun to read, there are ikelybto be more to come! 
1st March '18
chaboyfaz read it aged 11
Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes 9781408884553
5 stars
I loved this book, my favourite books are the Wimpy Kid book, and this book reminded me of them.
This is the second book in the series, I haven't read the the first book, but now I like them I will buy the first one and get the next one that is released.
30th January '18
I read it (an adult)
Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes 9781408884553
4 stars
I received this as a free ARC ebook via NetGalley. This does not affect my review.

This is great fun! Poor old Kid Normal - the only kid without superpowers in his whole school. You'd think that would be depressing, but he's so good at planning and keeping his team together that he's a hero anyway. Great set up, even if you haven't read the first book. Of course there is an arch-villain to battle, shiny gadgets and folks to save, so there's lots of action, and I think just about the right amount of downtime to let kids process what's happening. I'd recommend this for confident Y3s upwards - there's a decent use of vocab which will appeal to older children too, and I love the occasional breaking of the fourth wall to speak to the reader (yes, I did think about the OHP...busted!). Four stars because it's just very slightly on the too-long side.
1st March '18
Pirate06 read it aged 11
Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes 9781408884553
4 stars
This is the second book in the Kid Normal series and it is very good. Despite having not read the first book, I still felt like I knew the characters very well and I understood the story line. I will now look out for the first book and read that too.

The book is about a boy who had become a super hero but doesn't actually have any sort of super power. The head of the superhero organisation invites him to see a rogue with the ability to steal other people's super powers - capabilities or capes for short.

It is a very funny book. The humour reminded me of 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action or comedy and for boys and girls aged about 9-12.
12th March '18
Jbwise read it aged 9
Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes 9781408884553
4 stars
I loved it as it had one of my favourite things-SUPER HEROES!!! Murph Cooper [the main character] is just like me except he leads a team of super heroes.
Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down! It was really funny in parts, and action packed in other parts.
I would recommend it to my friends because it was really good and it lept my attention the whole time.
16th April '18
Leonjames read it aged 11
Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes 9781408884553
4 stars
Having not read the first book I was unsure what to expect. But this one was easy to follow and you knew who everyone was. I will definitely be buying the first one as enjoyed this one so much. Full of adventure and very funny. Recommend this 
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