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Author: Illustrator: Kate Hindley

A hilarious and madcap adventure from a delightfully quirky debut authorBilly Slipper is a fairly normal boy with a definitely not-so-fairly normal family. All he wants to do is add to his 'Collectabillya' (an assortment of weird and wonderful objects he finds) in peace, but his cleaning-mad mum (she even clingfilms the carrots!) and his fantastically horrid twin sister have other ideas. However, they don't bargain on Billy finding his best ever Collectabillya - Jumblecat! Jumblecat is a . . . well, a jumbled-up cat (who talks, by the way), and he's set to change the Slippers' lives forever. With the help of his batty old-lady next-door-neighbour, Billy must battle to win the town pet show (top prize: GBP10,000), find a vet who can un-jumble Jumblecat (price: GBP10,000), RESCUE Jumblecat when he is stolen (culprit: an insane taxidermy-obsessed general) - and then stop Jumblecat from getting stuffed, all with the help of his dad's milk float. Sounds easy? Well, you just haven't met Jumblecat yet. Beautifully illustrated by the Greenaway Medal nominated artist Kate Hindley, JUMBLECAT is sure to capture your heart.

Publisher: Hot Key Books
Format: Paperback
Published: 1st July 2014
Number of Pages: 256

ISBN-13: 9781471402784

Age Ranking
  1. #683 of 1512 books for 9 year olds
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2nd March '16
CCR06 read it aged 9
Jumblecat 9781471402784
5 stars
I liked the fact that Jumblecat was so rude when he talked because it made me giggle. He said things how I'd like to say them sometimes but j know I can't!
Also I liked Philippa Slipper because it was funny how she covered the whole house in plastic just to keep it clean.
I would like to read other books about Jumblecat.
I was lucky enough to have the author visit school and sign my copy!
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