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Children can interact with robots in their own homes thanks to the digital magic of Augmented Reality. Activities include building their own robot and programming it to move, seeing their own arm become bionic, flying a search and rescue drone and battling with bots, all on the kitchen table! Place your tablet or smart phone near the visual trigger on the page then hold it up to see the AR in action. iRobot is packed with fascinating information about these marvellous machines - how they work, how they are used and what the future holds.

Publisher: Carlton Books Ltd
Format: Hardback
Published: 4th February 2016
Number of Pages: 32

ISBN-13: 9781783121724

Age Ranking
  1. #247 of 1695 books for 8 year olds
  2. #1008 of 1211 books for 10 year olds
  3. #1651 of 1946 books for 6 year olds
4 Book reviews
27th March '16
Alex read it aged 8
iRobot 9781783121724
5 stars
We couldn't get the app to work first of all but then we realised we weren't scanning the relevant pages. This book has some really useful information about robots - I especially like the section about robots that help in medicine. I agree with Micah's review that the robots disappear off the screen quite easily. But this book is so different and exciting I have still given it full marks. 
1st April '16
Phoebe08 read it aged 8
iRobot 9781783121724
5 stars
This is a great book that brings robots and drones to life. The app was free and easy to download.
The robots and drones are easy to create. The book doesn't explain how you get them to come to life. We had a google it. The book has four bright yellow rectangles saying AUGMENTED REALITY throughout the book. The book needs to be flat and your tablet must be in the camera mode of the app and covering both pages. Only then will you see your robot come to life. You can also create your own drone and fight your bots with others. The book is also full of great facts about robots and machines. The book is great for children aged 5 and over. 
12th March '16
MicahW read it aged 6
iRobot 9781783121724
4 stars
This is a great book that brings robots to life. My mom downloaded the free app on the iPad that you need to use, I thought it was great that the app was free. There are 4 different things you can do with the book and app; build your own robot, fly a drone, battle with robots and interact with a life-size robot. To do each activity you have to hold your iPad or phone over a specific page in the book. I got one of my parents to do this bit, and we couldn't get it to work straight away. We found putting the book flat on the floor was best. The only downfalls were, sometimes when you were doing an activity the robots would disappear off the screen and you would have to start again, and also the battle the bots activity you need 2 phones or iPad's to do it, and I think it would have been better if you didn't need 2 devices to do that, and could battle the computer. I liked reading all the information in the book about robots, and learnt lots of new things. It is a really fun interactive book, and there are others you can get in the series.
14th April '16
I read it to Jim-bob aged 10
iRobot 9781783121724
4 stars
To make this book come to life you need an app on a phone or tablet. It was easy to download and fun to try out. I like the facts found in the book and that you can have robot battles with the app. A great way to get reluctant kids to read, and some very interesting information.
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