In Focus: Cities

by , Grace Easton , Sol Linero , Clair Rossiter , Gary Venn , Jenny Wren , Ryan Wheatcroft , Sophie Beer , Jen Taylor , Jocelyn Kao

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Travel the globe and find a fresh perspective with 'In Focus Cities'. This super-sized book delves into the cultural, social and historical identities of ten world-famous cities. Lift the giant flaps on every spread to find out more about the iconic cities on the map.

In Focus: Cities Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781848575912
  • Pub Date: 13th July 2017
  • Publisher: Little Tiger Press Group
  • Imprint: 360 Degrees
  • Format: Hardback
  • Number of Pages: 26

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24th October '17
I read it to Garretdrums aged 8 aged 8
In Focus: Cities 9781848575912
5 stars
What a fabulous book!  
Robust fold out pages reveal brilliantly illustrated,  interesting facts about 10 of the worlds cities.
Great for learning and a useful tool for school projects.
We will be donating our copy to the school library
12th October '17
ERD read it themselves aged 6 aged 6
In Focus: Cities 9781848575912
5 stars
A fantastic book, full of fascinating facts and lovely illustrations. The book looks at 10 major cities around the world, giving facts about each one on fold out pages. It will be very useful for school projects, and has certainly increased my daughter's interest in other countries. She was particularly fascinated by the pages on Rio, and we searched for videos of the Rio carnival as a result of looking at this book! Excellent quality printing too, the pages are lovely and thick so it looks hardwearing. We would highly recommend this book!
5th November '17
Iowmatilda read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
In Focus: Cities 9781848575912
5 stars
Both my 4yo and 7yo daughters adore this book. The youngest likes the random more fun facts and the older one has read this over and over being fascinated by the detail. It is beautifully illustrated and more detailed than most similar books about cities. This is great both as a reference to dip in and out of but also for children to read as non fiction.
22nd February '18
I read it myself (an adult)
In Focus: Cities 9781848575912
5 stars
his treasure trove of a book takes us around the world to visit ten very different cities each captured by a different illustrator. Featuring the work of Grace Easton, Sol Linero, Clair Rossiter, Gary Venn, Jenny Wren, Ryan Wheatcroft, Sophie Beer, Jen Taylor, Jocelyn Kao and Becca Stadtlander, each of these incredible artists offers their own unique perspective of these amazing places. It allows the reader to delve into the cultural, social and historical identities of London, Sydney, New York, Toyko just to mention a few. Giant flaps invite you to explore more of each city capturing the very sense and nuance of their personalities. Allowing you to examine iconic landmarks and artefacts finding out just enough details to let you feel like you’ve stood in front of them yourself. Each spread is exquisitely illustrated with the most intricate details this book really is a joy to behold and and deserves to be read time and time again. Wonderfully produced, it is one of my favourite non-fiction books of the year.
7th October '17
Neriah read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
In Focus: Cities 9781848575912
5 stars
Great book, hardback, contains loads of illustrations and facts about different countries we have been reading this book over the last few days and it's very interesting pull open pages well made and a great read for children to find out about different cities would highly recommend. 
8th October '17
I read it to emily1207 aged 6 aged 6
In Focus: Cities 9781848575912
5 stars
Me and Emily have really enjoyed reading this book. 
The pages seem quite thick and substantial. The book explores different cities around the world providing facts about the cities and culture - I even learnt a thing or 2! The pages fold out to reveal more information- this made the book more fun for Emily.
Emily has been rlralking about places she’d like to visit! 
14th October '17
Jess10 read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
In Focus: Cities 9781848575912
5 stars
Jessica loved this book. It was much heavier than expected and was crammed with information about ten well known cities. The pictures were great - really colourful and attractive and the open up flaps make it more interesting and interactive. There's lots of interesting things to learn and is great to use a reference book and for homework. 
31st October '17
I read it to Rylando aged 7 aged 7
In Focus: Cities 9781848575912
5 stars
Beautifully designed book featuring ten cities of the world - bite sized pieces of information and fun illustrations make it easy for kids to dip into. As we visited Tokyo over half term it was great timing and my son was engrossed. Would make a lovely gift!
5th October '17
I read it myself (an adult) , to Beeeves13 aged 4 aged 4 & to areeves15 aged 2 aged 2
In Focus: Cities 9781848575912
4 stars
The book is very educational as it shows different cuties arundel the world. I even learnt quite a few new facts. This is definitely a book to keep throughout the child's school life as it will be a great reference book for them to check for homework or projects.

The facts are interesting and come with fun illustrations my son particularly liked reading about Rome. Overall a fab book. 
19th September '17
I read it to GracieBax aged 5 aged 5
In Focus: Cities 9781848575912
4 stars
Gracie is enjoying learning about new places so this book dedicated to cities is the perfect companion to her learning. Even as the adult reading the book with her, I found it educational and interesting. The book focuses on various cities around the world, those close to home and those further afield. I think it gave Gracie a really good overview of different cities, and she really enjoyed being able to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between a city, understand what constitutes a place being classed as a city and how that differs from more rural environments for example.

The book is illustrated beautifully, the pages are really vibrant, the colours and imagery used are really bright and busy, there is a lot going on and therefore a lot to look at and investigate on each page. Gracie absolutely loves interactive books, so this having flaps to lift to reveal information really appealed to her and she enjoyed uncovering new detail each time.

The book is really in depth, it doesn't just focus on the geographical locations of the cities, it goes into great detail regarding the people, civilisation and the culture of each location, which brought the book to life for Gracie and gave her more to think, learn and read about. We really enjoyed the educational aspect of this book!
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