Book pages How to Look After Your Puppy

How to Look After Your Puppy

Author: Illustrator: Kate Sutton

Calling all dog lovers! This fully-illustrated pet care guide is packed with informative advice and cute illustrations making it the must have book if you are thinking about getting a puppy! How do you choose a puppy? What sort of basket should you get it? What food will it like, and how much? How do you train it and keep it happy? What should you do if your dog looks ill? Find answers to all these questions and more in this guide to dog care written specially for young pet owners. With illustrations that are simple and fresh, cute and funny accompanied by informative texts from well-known animal writer, Helen Piers, this book has everything you need to join the Pet Cadet Club.

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions
Format: Hardback
Published: 29th July 2015
Number of Pages: 32

ISBN-13: 9781847806505

Age Ranking
  1. #563 of 1540 books for 1 year olds
  2. #1404 of 1614 books for 8 year olds
  3. #1732 of 2085 books for 3 year olds
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1st November '15
I read it to LewisT aged 1
How to Look After Your Puppy 9781847806505
5 stars
What a lovely little book, full of lovely pictures, and some interesting facts about having a puppy! A very thorough book for a child thinking about having a puppy!
23rd January '16
MIAMOO read it aged 8
How to Look After Your Puppy 9781847806505
4 stars
The book on how to look after your puppy was quite interesting . I learnt  how many meals I should give my puppy a day , and I learnt that dogs can’t sweat. I already knew a bit about training my puppy because my Nanny Soo looks after dogs .
 Hide and Seek and Which box are suitable for our puppy Chance but the garden hurdles and staircase sprint are suitable for Luca who is 4 years old . I am a bit frightened that other children younger than me might make the puppy do something that will hurt them , so the warning should be in big letters .
 In this book it tells you some important messages to remember.     
You should take your puppy to the vet because when they first take a step outside there will be fleas and germs that will make the puppy unhealthy .
 The book is useful because it tells you how to look after your puppy and if you forget you can check in this book .
 Thank you for this book
 from Mia Isabella O’Hara
1st November '15
Read to a child aged 3
How to Look After Your Puppy 9781847806505
4 stars
Lovely book espically if you just had a puppy x
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