Book pages Hello, Hot Dog

Hello, Hot Dog

Author: Illustrator: Jarvis

Hot Dog is relaxing on some comfy bread with a little corn and some fries when suddenly...disaster strikes! It looks like he's about to become lunch. Prepare for a laugh-out-loud picture about this little hot dog's quest for freedom. Boldly illustrated by the brilliant Jarvis, winner of Best Illustrated Book at the V&A Illustration Awards 2017, this hilarious, irreverent picture book is told entirely in speech bubbles and demands audience participation - and your undivided attention!

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd
Format: Paperback
Published: 5th April 2018
Number of Pages: 32

ISBN-13: 9781786032669

Age Ranking
  1. #580 of 1618 books for 1 year olds
  2. #762 of 2007 books for 5 year olds
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16th April '18
I read it to Rubiroo aged 5 & to Darcm aged 1
Hello, Hot Dog 9781786032669
5 stars
Hilarious laugh out loud funny. My five year old totally loves this book she can nearly read all the words herself.
She put on voices to read to her baby sister. Great family entertainment totally got her complete attention to listening and reading the book herself.
Speak bubbles are great for to look for and read. 
Illustrations bright, fun and totally different to any other book she has enjoyed.
Fun fun fun 
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