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Guinness World Records 2016

The world's best-selling annual is back and bursting with thousands of amazing new records, never-before-seen images, fact-packed infographics and mind-boggling trivia. And as always, we have a few more surprises in store for you...As well as all your favorite records, relating to talented pets, superhuman achievements, big stuff and extreme vehicles, you'll find show-stopping superlatives from brand-new categories. Topics making their Guinness World Records debut include waterfalls, twins, ballooning, apps, lightning, manga, archaeology, drones, and pirates - and that's just for starters! MORE IN-DEPTH RECORDS Check out the all-new PROFILE BOXES, offering a more comprehensive look into the inspiring stories behind our record-breakers. INFOGRAPHIC FEATURES See some of our most iconic records IN FOCUS to uncover their awe-inspiring secrets. Dare to peek into the Tambora volcano - holder of the record for most powerful eruption. Marvel at the scale of the mighty blue whale - the largest animal on the planet ever! Discover what happens when atoms smash together at close to light speed...Think that's quick? Wait until you read about the fast-and-furious world of sport stacking!
So, get ready for your yearly dose of mind-blowing feats and wonders in Guinness World Records 2016 - the global authority on record-breaking.

Publisher: Guinness World Records Limited
Format: Hardback
Published: 10th September 2015
Number of Pages: 256

ISBN-13: 9781910561010

Age Ranking
  1. #62 of 1864 books for 6 year olds
  2. #108 of 1512 books for 9 year olds
  3. #121 of 386 books for 12 year olds
  4. #143 of 1136 books for 10 year olds
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12 Book reviews
1st November '15
Read to a child aged 10
Guinness World Records 2016 9781910561010
5 stars
This book is full of amazing facts that will make you laugh out loud and gasp in horror!! I really like the brightly coloured pictures which accompany the facts. My favourite records are the longest fur on a rabbit and the tallest chocolate sculpture! My twin sister and I read this together and took turns shouting out the records to mum and dad. It is a wonderful book and should be on everyone's Christmas list. Ten out of ten.
1st October '16
andrewnicholas0816 read it aged 9
Guinness World Records 2016 9781910561010
5 stars
It was great.
11th April '16
CCR06 read it aged 9
Guinness World Records 2016 9781910561010
5 stars
Do you know how old the oldest pig ever was?
Do you know the most amount of Christmas crackers to be pulled in 60 seconds?
Do you know the most away goals scored by an English Premier League club?
Neither did I, but I do now and so much more besides from this book of facts.
I really like remembering random facts and recalling them at random times to impress people! 
I love dipping in and out of this book to learn more and more!
1st December '15
MicahW read it aged 6
Guinness World Records 2016 9781910561010
5 stars
Probably my favourite book to date. It is educational but fun. Packed full of record breakers, with accompanying pictures, which I liked looking at. I love the cool, gold cover of the book. It's a very big book,lots of pages, so it keeps you entertained for ages. I never want to put it down once I start reading, I've learnt lots of new things. There are funny facts, weird facts, mind boggling facts. You can read it in order, or find the areas you are most interested in. Think it's great value for money, would definitely recommend it for all ages.
17th January '18
Naynay read it aged 9
Guinness World Records 2016 9781910561010
5 stars
I love learning facts and really interesting stuff, i like reading them each year to see what has changed, if people have broken other peoples records. 
It is really good for learning new things which i do like to do. 
25th September '15
Read to a child aged 7
Guinness World Records 2016 9781910561010
5 stars
I have been watching Officially Amazing so much, and enjoyed the Record Breakers library challenge this summer. So I was really pleased to be chosen to receive this book. It has some very interesting facts in, about football, sports, television - I found out the most ever paid for a Dalek. I also love the cover of the book as it is very shiny and looks fantastic on my bookshelf. It is something you can read again and again as there is SO much in it.
6th November '17
Elliep123 read it aged 10
Guinness World Records 2016 9781910561010
5 stars
this book is really good an I love the giant fork
6th November '17
Layla123 read it aged 8
Guinness World Records 2016 9781910561010
5 stars
this book is great 
I really enjoyed it
and can't wait for
next years copy.
26th September '15
Bob1 read it aged 6
Guinness World Records 2016 9781910561010
5 stars
There are lots of amazing facts in this book. I liked looking at all the photos. My favourite page was about star wars. My brother liked the pages about Lego. Did you know there was a star wars ice sculpture? It looked brilliant in the photo. Mummy had to help me to read the book as it had some hard words in it, but I like looking at all the pictures. It's really colourful. I think boys and girls would like to read it. It would make a good birthday present.
10th July '15
Read to a child aged 12
Guinness World Records 2016 9781910561010
5 stars
My group of S3/4 boys really enjoyed reading this at lunchtime in the Library. It is one of the most popular books. They particularly liked the snowman with whole trees as arms. They definitely did not like the woman with the eyes popping out!. They would all recommend this book to others and found this edition more enjoyable than other years.
22nd October '15
edwardpeacock read it aged 6
Guinness World Records 2016 9781910561010
5 stars
I loved this book.  I have 2014 and 2015 already, but it does not spoil the enjoyment of the new book.  I like looking at records which I know were in the other books to see if the record holder has changed.  I like the Humans section best, especially the body parts bit, like longest nails and longest tongue.  I also really like the animal section with the pictures of the cute dogs, especially the chihuahua in a teacup!  I like seeing all of the pictures which are Actual Size.  I would recommend this book to everyone.  It is a good book to pick up, look at and put down again when you feel like it.
16th November '16
I read it to Eric aged 6 , to Ame aged 8 & to Nutmeg aged 3
Guinness World Records 2016 9781910561010
4 stars
This is a great book I wouldn't buy this every year but you 100% need a copy in your house.its full of interesting records done horrible and some very funny,and also there are the Ines you can try at home.well worth buying if you don't own a copy.
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