Book pages Dinosaur Police

Dinosaur Police

Author: Illustrator: Sarah McIntyre

Dinoville Police Station was having a perfectly quiet morning - until
the phone rang... "Red alert!" hollered Sergeant Stig O'Saurus.
"There's a rampaging T-Rex at the pizza factory!"
The dino police hop in their vehicles and switch on their sirens
faster than you can say "WOO WOO!" They try to arrest Trevor T-Rex
who is gobbling pizzas meant for the town fair, but Trevor manages
to escape... The walkie-talkies are out, the air squad is being
called in to help - but Trevor is still on the loose... until
the cheeky T-Rex runs through the building site and gets stuck in
A fabulous new picture book by the fantastically talented, bestselling
Sarah McIntyre!

Publisher: Scholastic
Format: Paperback
Published: 7th May 2015
Number of Pages: 32

ISBN-13: 9781407143286

Age Ranking
  1. #447 of 1540 books for 1 year olds
  2. #579 of 1817 books for 5 year olds
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8th February '15
I read it to LewisT aged 1
Dinosaur Police 9781407143286
5 stars
The story is fun, the pictures are amazing - my son Lewis loves dinosaurs so says Raaaa when I turn every page! The burping at the end of the book is funny! A definite must read for any dinosaur fan
7th November '16
I read it to OMagill aged 5
Dinosaur Police 9781407143286
5 stars
This book is very colourful with great illustrations. The storyline was quite catching for my son, he loves dinosaurs and he enjoyed the fun side of the dinosaurs being the police catching the T. rex who had eaten all the pizza. He loves the end too with all the dinosaurs burbing, he always gets the giggles at that part. A funny book that will get read over and over again.
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