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Confessions of an Imaginary Friend


Jacques Papier thinks that everyone hates him. After all, teachers ignore him when he raises his hand in class, nobody ever picks him for sports teams, and his sister, Fleur, keeps having to remind their parents to set a place for him at the dinner table. But then Jacques discovers an uncomfortable truth: He is NOT Fleur's brother; he's her imaginary friend! And so begins Jacques' quest for identity ... what do you do when you realise that the only reason you exist is because of someone else's imagination? The whimsical "autobiography" of an imaginary friend who doesn't know he's imaginary - perfect for fans of Toy Story, The Imaginary and Moone Boy.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Format: Paperback
Published: 31st December 2015
Number of Pages: 176

ISBN-13: 9781471145506

Age Ranking
  1. #179 of 1615 books for 8 year olds
  2. #196 of 1512 books for 9 year olds
  3. #587 of 1864 books for 6 year olds
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1st March '16
Rose read it aged 9
Confessions of an Imaginary Friend 9781471145506
5 stars
I loved this book so so much.  I was shocked when I found out about the imaginary friend.  (Name removed so I dont spoil this for other readers)  It was like I was on a rollercoaster ride with so many emotions zooming into me.  My favourite characters were Fleur and Felice.  I enjoyed this story so so much and will be passing it onto my friends and siblings.
4th May '16
I read it (an adult) , to Josh aged 8 & to Sam aged 6
Confessions of an Imaginary Friend 9781471145506
5 stars
This is such a clever book. The tale is told from the perspective of the 'brother' who overhears a conversation which leads him to realise that he is an imaginary friend.  We go on a journey with him where he discovers self help groups full of other imaginary friends, and just like the real world there are officious people who then place him with other families who need an imaginary friend.  The story makes you laugh out loud and it is a really fun book to read with your children.
5th March '16
Elliemai read it aged 8
Confessions of an Imaginary Friend 9781471145506
5 stars
i really really liked this book and could not put it down. 
the story was brilliantly written and very enjoyable to read.
my favorite character was Jacques Papier because he never gave up.
i did not like the oogly-boogly though as he it was a bit scary 
i liked the illustrations too.
i would recommend this book to girls aged 8+
8th March '16
I read it (an adult)
Confessions of an Imaginary Friend 9781471145506
5 stars
I thoroughly enjoyed this very imaginary book about an imaginary friend. It was full of twists and turns that was totally unexpected & I loved every minute of reading the book! Would highly recommend this book
27th February '16
Wes1 read it aged 9
Confessions of an Imaginary Friend 9781471145506
5 stars
I absolutely loved this story. I didn't know what to expect when I first started reading it, but within a few pages my attention was totally gripped! I loved it that Jacques the main character of the story feels that lots of people dislike him (apart from his sister Fleur that is).  It's really funny but also sad at times. I felt sad for Jacques when he explains how other children and teachers all ignore him in school. I really felt like Jacques is a real person and not an imaginary one (this is what we discover little by little, and so does Jacques to his surprise!. A very interesting end and a great read. I enjoyed reading it with my mum because she made funny voices when we read it together. I can really recommend this book. It was brilliant!!! Wesley (9 years and 3/4)
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