Book pages A Lamb Called Lucky

A Lamb Called Lucky

Author: Illustrator: Ellie Snowdon

The fifth in a fantastic series of animal stories for younger readers by Waterstones Children's Book Prize-shortlisted author Helen Peters, with beautiful black-and-white illustrations by Ellie Snowdon.

It's lambing time on the farm and Jasmine has her hands full. She has two orphaned baby birds to care for, as well as a tiny motherless lamb who needs her attention. She's determined to look after little Lucky and keep him safe. But there are bigger dangers facing the flock, ones that come in the dead of night...

Brilliant storytelling that will make you laugh and cry, this is Dick King-Smith for a new generation.

Look out for Jasmine's other adventures!

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A Kitten Called Holly

Publisher: Nosy Crow Ltd
Format: Paperback
Published: 1st February 2018
Number of Pages: 144

ISBN-13: 9781788000246

Age Ranking
  1. #200 of 1864 books for 6 year olds
  2. #442 of 1818 books for 5 year olds
  3. #1261 of 1512 books for 9 year olds
5 Book reviews
12th February '18
Leia read it aged 6
A Lamb Called Lucky 9781788000246
5 stars
This is a wee gem of a book. Such a refreshing change from the usual books. This book is set on a farm. Our main character Jasmine loves animals and in this book rescues a baby lamb and two baby birds. My daughter was delighted with it, she found it easy to read. I am glad we read it together as there were so many topics to discuss that this book raised. We talked about how to caring for animals, how mother lambs care for their young, the role of vets and what happens to the lambs on the farm. It's a very worthwhile read and my daughter really enjoyed it.
20th February '18
I read it to LucasChops aged 6
A Lamb Called Lucky 9781788000246
5 stars
This is a charming little book.  Jasmine and her friend Tom want to run an animal rescue when they're older and she's in the ideal place as her Dad's a farmer and her Mum is a vet.
In this story they rescue two sparrow fledglings and a lamb, which she calls Lucky.
What I liked about this book was how straightforward it was - there's no sugar coating of what happens in the animal world.  The lamb's Mum is dead and what's needed to be done is portrayed in a very matter of fact way.  In that respect it's a nice story but also an education in what to do (and not do) if you were tempted to care for an injured/abandoned animal.
17th February '18
PaigeS246 read it aged 5
A Lamb Called Lucky 9781788000246
5 stars
such a cute book with an even more adorable story, paige loved reading this, highly recommend
20th February '18
Girly read it aged 9
A Lamb Called Lucky 9781788000246
4 stars
The story is about a girl who likes to save animals. She wants to run a rescue centre when she is grown up. In this story she rescues some baby birds and a lamb.

It was sad when the lamb was born because his mummy - the ewe - died. The lamb was very cold and it was exciting when they tried to warm him up and help him to get stronger. He couldn't feed because he was too week and he dragged his legs behind him.

I liked that the book makes you feel lots of emotion. It's sometimes happy and sometimes sad. I enjoyed reading it.
22nd February '18
I read it (an adult)
A Lamb Called Lucky 9781788000246
4 stars
A sweet little book. I am reading this a few pages at a time as it's a little longer than our usual books but it' proving a hit with the 5 year old. Will be checking out the other books in this series 
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