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The Very Greedy Bee


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The very greedy bee won't share his nectar with anyone. While all the other bees work hard, the greedy bee spends all day guzzling pollen and gobbling nectar. But then one day the very greedy bee eats just a bit too much...

Little Tiger Press picture book and CD sets are a great aid to improving reading skills and are perfect for bedtime, for journeys or for listening together.

The Very Greedy Bee Reviews | Toppsta


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23rd November '16
I read it to Fifi aged 5 aged 5
The Very Greedy Bee 9781848952805
5 stars
Another great book from the little tiger press collection! The very greedy bee comes with a CD so that they story can listened to anywhere you go! We have several CD's in the car now to alternate with.
The greedy bee tells the story of a bee who has eaten too much! He tries to fly but as he has a big fat tummy full of pollen he has to walk home. The story tells the journey of the bee trying to get back to his home 'without his wings'!
A beautifully illustrated book that Eleanor loved reading. 
14th August '17
I read it to Babyeva29 aged 2 aged 2
The Very Greedy Bee 9781848952805
5 stars
Brilliant story about a greedy bee who overeats and gets himself into some trouble but learns the importance of sharing and friends.
29th January '17
I read it to Daniel aged 3 aged 3
The Very Greedy Bee 9781848952805
5 stars
This book is about a very greedy bee with eyes bigger then his belly. The book had wonderful bright illustrations and captured my sons attention really well. 
25th April '17
I read it to Luca2012 aged 4 aged 4
The Very Greedy Bee 9781848952805
4 stars
This is a sweet story about how it is important to share and help your friends. My little boy loves the bright, vibrant pictures, and the simple storyline. 
He was also really interested in the rescue operation to save the greedy bee! 
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