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The Giant Jumperee


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Rabbit was hopping home one day when he heard a loud voice coming from inside his burrow.
AND I'M SCARY AS CAN BE!" When Rabbit's friends Cat, Bear and Elephant come to help they are each scared away in turn by the mysterious voice. He can squash you like a flea
He will sting you like a bee
And he's taller than a tree! But who is the Giant Jumperee? Inspired by a traditional African tale, this is a new read-aloud classic from internationally bestselling author Julia Donaldson, beautifully brought to life by award-winning illustrator Helen Oxenbury.

The Giant Jumperee Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9780241330203
  • Pub Date: 3rd September 2018
  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 32

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6th November '18
I read it to Amelie17 aged 1 aged 1
The Giant Jumperee 9780241330203
5 stars
This book has a great story line with a surprise at the end and is beautifully illustrated.
My little one loves this book and claps at the end. 
You can't go wrong with Julia Donaldson!
9th October '18
Ckelly2013 read it themselves aged 5 aged 5
The Giant Jumperee 9780241330203
5 stars
We have read this book twice since receiving it. I read it first and then caitlin read it a week later on her own. 

The illustrations are gorgeous and go really well with the story. 

Caitlin found this book exciting and funny when we got to the end. Another great book by a fantastic author. 

We loved the story, it was great to see friends helping each other out and it was sweet when we found out who the giant jumperee was. 

Highly recommend
1st November '18
I read it to Xander aged 3 aged 3
The Giant Jumperee 9780241330203
5 stars
My 3yr old loved this book. It's kept his attention all the way through. He liked the elephant the best. The illustrations are lovely. He loved counting with the big numbers which he could recognise. He sat and looked it again and again. 
18th November '18
I read it to Belowe aged 4 aged 4
The Giant Jumperee 9780241330203
5 stars
This was a really good book. There is a great twist at the end and Bethany and I both burst out laughing! We read it 3 times in a row and Bethany started to join in with the story herself! Definitely recommend. 
6th October '18
I read it to Alex0512 aged 7 aged 7 & to Zaraloul aged 2 aged 2
The Giant Jumperee 9780241330203
5 stars
We loved this book, we loved the anticipation of who the Giant Jumperee was. I really enjoyed reading this to my children and using different tones and voices to bring the story alive.

The children loved pointing out the animals and joining in counting 1,2,3.

It was lovely to make this story interactive with them both and they both remained enticed right to the end of the story.

Lovely illustrations and a funny little story that we will enjoy over and over again.
2nd October '18
I read it to Squidge aged 1 aged 1
The Giant Jumperee 9780241330203
5 stars
A great rhyming books from Julia Donaldson that has some really nice illustrations, they look like water colours. The animals in the book find a creature in a hole, it seems very scary and they don't know what to do. A fun story with lovely characters. My daughter liked telling me all the different animals in the book and my older child liked the ending. 
2nd October '18
I read it to Samanna1 aged 3 aged 3
The Giant Jumperee 9780241330203
5 stars
I have never seen my daughter sit so still. All the way through we wondered what the giant jumperee could be. At the end of the tale you find out what it is and my daughter laughed so much. She loved the drawings and could tell what was going on by the pictures. A lovely tale, it will definitely be treasured in our house. 
8th October '18
I read it to FreyaJ aged 5 aged 5
The Giant Jumperee 9780241330203
5 stars
We both love books that rhyme,  Freya can join in trying to guess what is coming next and as an emerging reader she is sounding out the words too.  The story is intriguing, we were both interested to find out who the jumperee could be and the ending was a complete surprise.  The illustrations are delightful and so many things to point out and discuss along the way.  Definitely a big hit
3rd October '18
I read it to EJB aged 2 aged 2
The Giant Jumperee 9780241330203
5 stars
Another brilliant book from Julia Donaldson! I love the playful storyline and the expressive illustrations with just the right balance of naturalism and whimsy. The animal theme makes it a winner with toddlers, my 2 year old loves seeing all the different animals and has requested several reads of the book since it arrived yesterday. And I think lots of readers will relate to Mummy Frog!
3rd October '18
I read it to Soopa aged 4 aged 4
The Giant Jumperee 9780241330203
4 stars
I thought this book would be a winning combination as we love both Julia Donaldson and Helen Oxenbury in our house but it only got a luke warm reception from my little girl despite reading it a few times on different occasions. I think the mechanism of all the animals being scared of something unseen rang a few bells with the gruffalo stories and was just a bit too reptitive. She did love the frog at the end though so that was the saving grace.
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