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The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet


The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet Reviews | Toppsta

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Danny and Dinosaur are back, and this time they are going to space! But when Danny realises he's forgotten Dino's lunch box, the very hungry dinosaur eats everything in sight, including their only way home: the rocket! How will Dino get them back home? There's poop, planets and pandemonium in this supersonic space adventure! A hardback edition of this hilarious Danny and Dinosaur adventure story, from Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter, now comes with a poop-tastic dinosaur toy to play with.

The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet Reviews | Toppsta


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About Dougie Poynter

Dougie Poynter Biography
Dougie Poynter is best known for being the bassist in pop band McFly but he has also co-written a series of books with his bandmate and fellow author Tom Fletcher called The Dinosaur That Pooped[...

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About Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher Biography
Tom Fletcher released his first children's book, The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas, with co-author (and previous bandmate) Dougie Poynter in 2012. It sold over 72,000 copies and became the most popular debut children's novel of that year. His first...

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About Garry Parsons

Garry Parsons Biography
Garry Parsons is a popular British illustrator who has illustrated many well-loved children's books as well as provided illustrations for magazines, newspapers and adverts. 

Garry studied Fine Art at Canterbury University before going on to stud...

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