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Twelve Dancing Princesses


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The king has a problem. His twelve daughters wake up every morning with their slippers in rags and tatters. Where are they going? The palace is guarded to the hilt, and the shoemakers are exhausted. The king has promised his kingdom to anyone who can solve the mystery in three days and three nights. Prince after prince fails, then a dishevelled soldier arrives at the palace door. Will he succeed? Miss Clara's dazzling artwork takes the twelve princesses shimmering and waltzing across the pages of this classic fairy tale. about this title: Latest in the Confident Readers collection, joining Winter Shadow and The Snow Queen. Young readers will be absorbed and engaged by all that there is to look at and explore with the textured, layered artwork. Miss Clara's The Snow Queen became an instant bestseller at its release in October 2011. For this classic fairytale, she turns her attention to the romance of the ball and the mystery of nightfall.

Twelve Dancing Princesses Reviews | Toppsta


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