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The Pet Sitter: Beware the Werepup KF


The Pet Sitter: Beware the Werepup KF Reviews | Toppsta

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Max loves animals but his sneezy, allergic sister means no family pets. He's so happy when he realizes he can be a pet sitter. But with every new job he takes on there's always something a bit odd about the pet owner, which he can never put his finger on initially. Witches, fairies, goblins, mermaids - why can't he pet sit for an ordinary pet owner? Max has to pet sit for a cute young werepup, owned by a not-cute old wizard. Fang has a bit of an odd name but he seems cuddly enough. Max's main priority is to make sure he takes Fang on his walkies secretly - as pets are not allowed in the wizard's apartment block. Max has everything under control until on one secret walk the clouds part and a full moon pops out...

The Pet Sitter: Beware the Werepup KF Reviews | Toppsta


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