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Meet Izzy Gizmo - a fabulously feisty new character from Pip Jones ( Squishy McFluff ; Daddy's Sandwich ) brought brilliantly to life with exuberant and detailed illustrations from the best-selling illustrator of The Detective Dog , Sara Ogilvie .

Izzy Gizmo, a girl who LOVED to invent ,
carried her tool bag wherever she went
in case she discovered a thing to be mended,
or a gadget to tweak to make to make it more splendid.

Izabelle Gizmo just loves to invent, but her inventions never seem to work the way she wants them to. And that makes her really CROSS! When she finds a crow with a broken wing she just has to help. But will she be able to put her frustrations to one side and help her new friend to fly again?

Shortlisted for the Sainsbury's Children's Book Prize 2017 , this empowering book is perfect for fans of Rosie Revere, Engineer , Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World and Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls .

`If you're looking for a new book with a determined, strong female role model then this is for you' Being a Mummy blog
`This was such a fun book. We need more books with girl inventors!' Twirling Book Princess blog
`This exuberantly riotous story... blends the fun of rhyme with the touching friendship between a charismatic crow and a never-say-die young inventor' Lancashire Evening Post
`A lovely story of ingenuity and determination' Parents in Touch
`I doubt many will fail to fall for Izzy and her mechanical mind. Pip Jones' rhyming narrative is a cracker to read aloud and Sara Ogilvie's imagination must be almost as fertile as young Izzy's... A real riot.' Red Reading Hub blog
`Jones's loping, engaging rhymes and Ogilvie's vivacious images evoke both inspiration and frustration' The Guardian

Izzy Gizmo Reviews | Toppsta


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29th August '17
I read it to ZMDA aged 4 aged 4
Izzy Gizmo 9780857075130
5 stars
We loved this book! Izzy is an inventor who helps a crow to fly again by making some mechanical wings. The text is rhyming which is always a bonus in this house and the story itself is charming 
30th August '17
I read it to mynameselise aged 1 aged 1
Izzy Gizmo 9780857075130
5 stars
The illustrations in this book are beautiful and my daughter loved it 
18th August '17
I read it to LA12 aged 4 aged 4
Izzy Gizmo 9780857075130
5 stars
Leo thought that Izzy's malfunctioning inventions were really funny but he was happy when she managed to deal with her frustration and help the crow to fly again. The pictures had lots of great detail that he loved looking at and the rhyming text had some technical words that he enjoyed. This is definitely one of his new favorites. 
19th August '17
I read it to dani aged 4 aged 4
Izzy Gizmo 9780857075130
5 stars
This book is amazing! Izzy is an inventor who struggles when her inventions don't work right the first time. She gets frustrated and wants to give up, even with her grandfather's encouragement to try again. Then she finds a crow who can't fly and decides to make him new wings. She suffers setbacks and wants to give up, but her grandfather (and the crow) won't let her. Eventually, she comes up with working wings (with some help from the crow) and celebrates her success. But first, she must deal with the aftermath of taking parts from other people's machines without permission!
This book is fantastic on so many levels. First, the focus on perseverance is so important. Many children want to give up at the first sign of difficulty. Izzy has to learn to deal with failure while trying again and again. She also conducts research and tests her ideas, which are important scientific skills. It's nice to see practical science that helps others, even if her ideas aren't that realistic. This book is a great encouragement to young inventors and explorers.
The nicest part of this book is how Izzy is a role model that encourages diversity. She is female, not white, and appears to live with her grandfather. But none of these points are explicitly stated. They're seen in the pictures and events. This is a great way to expand children's views of what it means to be an inventor. My daughter enjoyed this book, particularly when the crow flew. It's a book I plan to return to in order to encourage her interest in science and building. I'd recommend it for all children because it's such a fun and well illustrated book.
14th August '17
I read it to annad aged 7 aged 7
Izzy Gizmo 9780857075130
5 stars
Buying this book is what made me register here to get reviewing. We've enjoyed Pip Jones's other picture books and Squishy McFluff series, but this is our new favourite. Izzy Gizmo is illustrated by Sara Ogilvie (who we also love in The Worst Princess) and the pictures in this book are so good. Izzy is an inventor who creates seriously crazy machines which always go wrong. But then she meets a crow with broken wings and she realises it's time to use her inventing skills for a serious purpose. The rhyming text is glorious, the story is super sweet – and how Sara Ogilvie gets so much expression on to the face of a beaked bird we don't know! Absolutely brilliant.
28th August '17
I read it to Dannydog aged 1 aged 1
Izzy Gizmo 9780857075130
5 stars
A great book with amazing illustrations which give great talking points to have with little ones. The story is lovely and good to see a girl as an inventor to inspire my granddaughter!
Very good to introduce new unusual words which increase youngsters vocabulary, for example sprockets and cawed. And of course the message to not give up.
12th March '18
I read it to fifebookboy aged 5 aged 5
Izzy Gizmo 9780857075130
5 stars
Brilliant book about a mighty girl! Izzy is an inventor but sometimes her inventions don't go to plan and she gets cross and frustrated. One day she helps a crow by building it new wings but she needs to try and lot of different versions before she gets it right, with plenty of tears along the way. This is a great book for encouraging growth mindset, Izzy's grandpa gently encourages her along the way and children who get very frustrated at not getting things right will easily recognise themselves in Izzy. Great to see such an inclusive book. The text is fun and rhyming and the illustrations are lovely.
15th August '17
Rosebud read it themselves aged 3 aged 3
Izzy Gizmo 9780857075130
5 stars
Fantastically entertaining story, with a lovely little girl as the main character. I can see this becoming a favourite in our house. 
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Pip Jones lives in East London with her partner, her two daughters and a real invisible cat. She writes a lot. She is the author of four other Squishy McFluff books, several picture books (including Daddy's Sandwich and The Chocolate Monster) and her new series Piggy Handsome is coming out in summer 2017.

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