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Once there was a gecko
and she lived inside a cave.
She was very, very small
but she was also really brave.

To stop sneaky animals stealing her precious eggs, Mummy Gecko threatens the wrath of ONE HUNDRED ANGRY GECKOS. But ... are there really one hundred geckos? And, if there aren't, how will she protect her family?

A mischievous tale of trickery and motherly courage, perfect for fans of Little Beaver and the Echo and The Gruffalo.

Gecko's Echo Reviews | Toppsta


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24th June '17
I read it to Hllatchem06 aged 4 aged 4
Gecko's Echo 9781408859506
5 stars
Great little rhyming book showing all about being brave. Lovely bright big pictures to compliment the story and encourage them to talk about whats happening within the story. 
23rd May '17
I read it to GG aged 2 to 5
Gecko's Echo 9781408859506
5 stars
I really enjoyed this book and it was also a joy to read to my class of 3-5 year olds (although it may have been just a little too long for some of the youngest children in the group). The rhymes flowed well throughout and were linguistically playful.  The illustrations were clear and colourful enough to allow the book to be read to a large group but also held lots of details for children to spot when reading the book one on one.  Our favourites were the big group shots of all 100 of Mummy Gecko's friends! We're very happy to have this book on our shelf and will be returning to it often, and how nice to have a book about such an unusual animal as an added bonus for learning. 
12th May '17
I read it to Tommyd aged 2 aged 2
Gecko's Echo 9781408859506
5 stars
I actually loved this book although it has a challenging topic at its heart. The mother Gecko is defending her eggs against predators, it is done sensitively and shows how strong a mother's love is. It could be quite a challenge for some but I think the illustrations and lots of quirky little things to look at and find in the illustrations means it can be read on a simpler level. I love the bit where the Gecko's voice booms and echos around the cave and 'saves the day'
26th May '17
I read it to BentleyProwse aged 5 aged 5
Gecko's Echo 9781408859506
5 stars
We really enjoyed this book. It's a lovely fun book. 
The story is about bravery and standing up to Bullys. 
The characters are great, the pictures are lovely and colourful. My son loves it and asks for the echo book most nights. 
14th May '17
I read it to Sebbiesaurus28 aged 3 aged 3
Gecko's Echo 9781408859506
5 stars
This has become a favourite at bedtime, I like it too. A beautifully illustrated happy rhyming story about a clever mummy gecko using her imagination to to keep her eggs safe. Something to spot and talk about on every page. Understanding echoes might be a difficult concept for younger ones. 
12th June '17
I read it to Kindergarten Class aged 3 to 4
Gecko's Echo 9781408859506
5 stars
I read this lovely story about a mother gecko trying to protect her eggs from predators to 2 different classes and it was a hit with both classes.We began by thinking about what creatures hatch from eggs and what would hatch out of the eggs on the front cover. The children deduced that they were some sort of lizard's eggs and we used the internet to found out more about geckos. We looked at the end papers and some children predicted that the squiggles represented the echo and we talked about  what an echo is and how it is made. 
The children loved the story, predicting the rhyming words and discussing whether it was acceptable to lie to save the eggs. They also were quick to pick up that the plot was similar to The Gruffalo. I would definitely buy this book for an early years classroom as there are so many opportunities for learning! 
15th May '17
I read it to Mia1 aged 4 aged 4
Gecko's Echo 9781408859506
5 stars
I great rhyming book perfect for little ones! The Gecko is a really fun character who is instantly likeable. Mia loved the story and really enjoyed the part with the rat, she knew what an echo was and guessed the ending but she absolutely loves rhyming stories and they make great bedtime reading!
15th May '17
I read it to LewisT aged 3 aged 3
Gecko's Echo 9781408859506
5 stars
What a lovely book, Lewis opened this & asked me to read it straight away, so I did! A gorgeous illustrated book about a mother Gecko looking after her eggs... would highly recommend & will buy more by these authors 
21st May '17
I read it to sashet01 aged 3 aged 3
Gecko's Echo 9781408859506
5 stars
A mother gecko is trying to protect her eggs from some hungry animals and tells them she there are 100 angry gecko's in her cave. This is a lovely rhyming story with good illustrations and my daughter enjoyed reading it a lot.
30th May '17
I read it to BellaCam aged 5 aged 5 & to LeoCam aged 2 aged 2
Gecko's Echo 9781408859506
4 stars
Lovely book of a mother protecting her eggs. My kids love geckos (brother has some) so this was a bright colourful book to read to them and talk about echos 
13th May '17
I read it to Little One aged 2 aged 2
Gecko's Echo 9781408859506
4 stars
This story is all about a mother gecko who is very brave, protecting hungry animals from eating her eggs that she is doing her upmost best to keep safe. 
My daughter was really excited to read this story as when we have been on our travels she has often spotted geckos. The bright illustrations and cute way in which the mother gecko is drawn kept my daughters attention but I felt the meaning of the story was lost a little at first. The idea of other animals wanting to eat the geckos eggs I don't think she initially understood but then when she asked for the book to be read to her a couple more times I think then she did. She found it funny and very clever how the mother gecko protected its eggs with an echo. 
I think this is a good read but some young (3 year olds) may find this book long and tricky to understand.
29th March '17
I read it to Juju aged 5 aged 5
Gecko's Echo 9781408859506
3 stars
Daughter loved reading ot and then retelling story
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