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The eighth novel from NUMBER ONE bestselling author, David Walliams - now available in paperback!

Jack's Grandpa...

*wears his slippers to the supermarket

*serves up Spam a la Custard for dinner

*and often doesn't remember Jack's name

But he can still take to the skies in a speeding Spitfire and save the day...

An exquisite portrait of the bond between a small boy and his beloved Grandpa - this book takes readers on an incredible journey with Spitfires over London and Great Escapes through the city in a high octane adventure full of comedy and heart.

Illustrated by the award-winning Tony Ross.

Grandpa's Great Escape Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9780008183424
  • Pub Date: 9th February 2017
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Imprint: HarperCollins
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 464

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18th July '17
I read it to Keigar aged 10 aged 10
Grandpa's Great Escape 9780008183424
5 stars
The book was really exciting. I could not stop reading because I was really excited. 
The characters - the boy was inquisitive and really cared for his Grandpa . Grandpa was funny and exciting you did not know what he was going to do next. 
I really enjoyed this book and it was a very adventurous book. Awesome story. 
16th May '17
Jack the reader read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
Grandpa's Great Escape 9780008183424
5 stars
I really enjoyed this book about Grandpa and Jack. Grandpa was put in an old people's home where he wasn't being looked after properly so he escaped. This book was amazing and funny but also really sad.
29th August '17
OllieRed read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
Grandpa's Great Escape 9780008183424
5 stars
The book was exciting and I found the characters very interesting. The story was good and I enjoyed hearing about The war and the authors Grandfather. 
I did not want to stop reading the book. I enjoy David Wallians books 
29th January '18
I read it to AS100 aged 6 aged 6
Grandpa's Great Escape 9780008183424
5 stars
This is another excellent book by David Walliams.  It is a long story but definately a page turner and my Son (aged 6) thinks this is the best book he has read to date. The chapter titles are hilarious!
It is well written and never actually tells you grandpa's diagnosis and leaves some things unspoken.  
The story is set over a short time but Walliams language fully explains all details of the story and you can fully picture it.  The illustrations throughout add to the story.
The story leads you on the journey of a special bond between a boy (Jack) and his Grandpa (a RAF war hero).  Grandpa has shared all his stories of his beloved spitfire and this allows Jack & Grandpa to have great adventures.
It is a book full of a variety of emotions and is a book that can be loved by children as well as Adults.  I even shed a tear at the end of the book.
A fantastic book that we would highly recommend.
7th December '16
Hermione read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
Grandpa's Great Escape 9780008183424
5 stars
After previously reading gangster granny I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved it when they tried to escape twilight towers. I think grandpa is so funny because he has lost his memory and is a little bit silly. Please read this book because it is amazing.
11th September '17
I read it to Leonapie aged 9 aged 9
Grandpa's Great Escape 9780008183424
5 stars
This book has a great storyline from the beginning about Jack and his grandad. I read this with my son and we both loved reading about the war and loved to carry on reading to see what granddad had been up to and found the air museum part especially funny. 
It's a lovely book and one you don't want to put down 
30th March '17
I read it to Harryb17 aged 11 aged 11
Grandpa's Great Escape 9780008183424
5 stars
Another wonderful read from David Williams. We loved the relationship between grandfather and grandson, it was very touching and loved the adventures the pair got up to. My son also loved the planes and history within. Emotional in parts but a wonderful read. 
28th January '17
Goldencrown1011 read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
Grandpa's Great Escape 9780008183424
5 stars
I loved this book, I looked at the front cover and thought "no, I don't want to read it". Then I picked it up and started reading I got so stuck into the book that I was late for school! 
I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventurous and funny stories.
2nd January '18
I read it myself (an adult)
Grandpa's Great Escape 9780008183424
4 stars
After seeing the BBC adaptation yesterday evening, I decided to revisit the tale of Grandpa as he tries to remember the things that are happening around him.

The adaptation really did live up to the book. The book itself is an enchanting tale and there's a subliminal message to other children about not giving up caring for members of their family no matter what because it takes just one occasion to change things. The language Walliams has used is also spot-on and it makes the story even better!
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David Walliams has two new books coming out this Autumn. A full-length fiction title, which apparently (according to a slip David made on a recent Radio programme) is going to be called The Ice Monster. And a picture book (title currently TBC) also due out in November.

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