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A hardworking duck is rescued from life with a lazy farmer in this beautiful 25th anniversary edition of an award-winning classic.

"Marvellously expressive pictures and a satisfying text make this the outstanding picture book of the year" The Sunday Times

A stunning 25th anniversary edition of a modern classic from two of the most celebrated picture book creators of all time - Owl Babies author, Martin Waddell, and Bear Hunt illustrator, Helen Oxenbury - this is a story of farmyard friendship and justice. Highly commended for the Kate Greenaway Medal and the winner of a British Book Award, this is a beautiful edition to share and treasure with a foreword and gorgeous gold foil on the cover and spine.

Farmer Duck Reviews | Toppsta


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24th June '17
I read it to Babyeva29 aged 1 aged 1
Farmer Duck 9781406365733
5 stars
My daughter loves this story there's lots of animal noises to be made and great illustrations. It is well written and has a brilliant plot where a duck is taken advantage of by the farmer but all the farmer animals get there own back and get rid of the farmer 
4th December '16
I read it to Skye aged 3 aged 3 & to Rocky aged 3 aged 3
Farmer Duck 9781406365733
5 stars
This is the story of a lazy farmer who takes advantage of a hardworking duck. My children love this story and the beautifully vivid illustrations. They feel so sad for poor Farmer Duck who is treated so badly. They always cheer at the end when the lazy farmer gets his comeuppance. A lovely story.
15th May '17
I read it to Oliver0907 aged 10 months aged 0
Farmer Duck 9781406365733
4 stars
Lovely story of an overworked farmer-duck who works for a lazy farmer, until one day when the animals decide to make a stand and take action. A lovely book that is easy to read for my nieces (aged 7 and 3) and my smallest loves the pace of the story as well as the illustrations. If I would change anything, I would make the illustrations a little more vivid and bright, but the book is great and a real winner in our household!
22nd May '17
I read it to Piglet aged 5 aged 5
Farmer Duck 9781406365733
4 stars
'There once was a duck who had the bad luck to live with a lazy old farmer....' and so begins the story of a put upon dog who must do all the work on the farm. The other animals observe how tired the duck is becoming, and hatch a plan to make the life of the duck a bit more pleasant.

The pictures are sweet and expressive, and there are plenty of opportunities as the reader to make an array of farmyard animal noises. This book is a classic, and my son seems happy to listen to this story.
6th October '18
I read it to Samanna1 aged 3 aged 3
Farmer Duck 9781406365733
2 stars
I wasn’t impressed with this book. The word fat is used which I didn’t like children learning to call people that. I also didn’t like the way it had a bullying feel to it. My daughter seemed to like the tale but as an adult I wasn’t happy with the images it gave my child. 
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