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The winner of the Galaxy National Children's Book of the Year is
now available in chunky board book format, perfect for Zog's youngest
Zog is the keenest, and clumsiest, dragon in school - will he ever
win a golden star?

The story of Zog's determination has enthralled hundreds of thousands
of children since its first publication in 2010.

Praise for Zog:
'The Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler dream team returns' Independent
on Sunday
'My six-year-old loved it' Evening Standard'

Zog Reviews | Toppsta


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1st October '16
I read it to RubyShep aged 2 aged 2
Zog 9781407132334
5 stars
Love this book. It is amusing and interesting for both parent and child to read. The pictures are lovely in it and it has a great rhyming flow
9th August '17
I read it to Jaanu aged 5 aged 5
Zog 9781407132334
5 stars
We love Julia Donaldsonn books and tales about dragons so this tale is a great combination of both things. Great storyline, and rhyming words and even brill illustrations. 
23rd August '17
I read it to THughes14 aged 7 aged 7 , to HHughes28 aged 4 aged 4 & to PHughes22 aged 2 aged 2
Zog 9781407132334
5 stars
We love Julia Donaldson books and this is a favourite of ours.  Great storyline; dragons, school, adventures, a princess who wants to be a doctor. It has it all. More wonderful rhyming words and even fantastic illustrations. 
25th July '16
Rachy read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
Zog 9781407132334
5 stars
I loved the bit when Zog was hurt the little girl helped him because that shows that the little girl is a good friend. I loved this book.
4th July '17
I read it to Zelmus aged 1 aged 1
Zog 9781407132334
5 stars
This my favorite story about a dragon Zog who wants to be the best in everything and finds the perfect career like an ambulance. I just love it, lot to learn from this story and the rhythms are amazing. 
8th May '18
I read it to Frey aged 3 aged 3
Zog 9781407132334
5 stars
Dragons and princesses are always sure to be a hit in our house, especially a princess who isn't stereotyped, so Zog has become a firm favourite! We follow Zog the Dragon through the years at Dragon school and the accident prone lessons he learns. My daughter particularly liked all the detail in the pictures and how Zog becomes the flying ambulance. Similar to other Donaldsons books with her sing-songsy rhymes accompanied with wonderful pictures by Scheffler, children of all ages will love this.
13th October '17
I read it to JasperM555 aged 2 aged 2
Zog 9781407132334
5 stars
I was on the hunt for a copy of this for a long time as it was one that I hadnt' heard of and is now firmly one of the top 10 in our house!!

a little longer than some of her others, but as excellently written, it's a great story that shows you don't have to be what's expected of you!!

Zogs adventures can be enjoyed by any age child, Jasper loves this at 2 and I know we have years of enjoyment left! 
8th September '16
I read it to Soopa aged 1 aged 1
Zog 9781407132334
5 stars
I love 'Zog' and I love to read it to my daughter as it turns the traditional fairytale on its head and has some strong female characters (the teacher dragon and the princess who is saved but actually wants to be a doctor). I would prefer it if the main protagonist was also female but it's a good start.  It's a sweet story that is a little bit too old for my daughter at the moment (2 years old). She loses interest about half way through but we'll keep it for later as it's lovely.
7th April '17
I read it to ArjanST aged 5 aged 5
Zog 9781407132334
5 stars
We loved this book! Julia Donaldson is a well known name in our house and my son asks to buy all of her books. The illustrations are beautiful as are the stories. 

We loved Zog as it was about a Dragon who wanted to impress his teachers at school so lied about all the horrid things he could do, when in actual fact he had made good friends with the human who he was pretending to scare. In the end he comes clean to his teacher and decides to help the princess who decides she wants to be a doctor. She meets her prince charming in the process and they fly off into the sunset together with Zog.
18th July '16
I read it to Alan aged 4 aged 4 & to Lenny aged 2 aged 2
Zog 9781407132334
5 stars
We love this book...... what more could 2 little joys want than dragons learning to be dragons! 
The boys act out the story now and so we end up with 2 dragons running around at bedtime. 
The rhyming is so good as always and the concept and little twist to the story at the end keep both children and adults entertained.
A firm favourite 
10th August '18
I read it to Eswren aged 5 aged 5
Zog 9781407132334
5 stars
A lovely story about friendship and never giving up. This beautifully illustrated story captures the imagination from the start, and a hope that zog succeeds. The children love the rhyming and the characters. Would definitely recommend. 
2nd November '16
I read it to Millie aged 1 aged 1 & to Wolfie aged 4 aged 4
Zog 9781407132334
4 stars
We really enjoy this book- it's slightly longer than other board books so my 1 year old does start to lose interest but I know soon she'll enjoy more and more of it. I like the plot of the story, you can be whoever you want to be. And I like the prominent female characters and the general plot twists. As usual with Julia and Axel , the illustration are amazing and rhymes are good fun to read aloud. 
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