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A hilarious biker bunny tale by former Children's Laureate Michael Rosen, author of We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

He's wild, he's wicked, he's Little Rabbit Foo Foo! In this read-aloud romp by the incomparable Michael Rosen, author of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, the bully-boy bunny likes nothing better than to ride through the forest bopping everyone on the head. Wriggly worms, tigers, no one is safe. But here comes the Good Fairy - and she is not amused!

Little Rabbit Foo Foo Reviews | Toppsta


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8th December '16
I read it to Mae-mae aged 7 aged 7
Little Rabbit Foo Foo 9780744598001
5 stars
Hours of fun have been had reading this book! The words are so simple and catchy that at 2 year old, my daughter was reciting it word for word! It's a book you can never get tired of reading. 
This in our opinion is a must read! 
12th April '18
I read it to Cece aged 4 aged 4 , to Zilly aged 15 aged 15 , to Cosmic aged 11 aged 11 & to Zev aged 14 aged 14
Little Rabbit Foo Foo 9780744598001
5 stars
Naughty little rabbit Foo Foo rides through the forest scooping up the other animals and bopping them on the heads. This is brought to the attention of the Good Fairy - she asks him to stop - she gives him three chances - but he cannot help himself.
The reprobate behaviour continues and she exacts ‘justice’ by turning him into a green little monster - well, she did warn him.

This rhyming book by the wonderful Mr Rosen is a total favourite with everyone in my family. Although one has to ask - is it really right that the good fairy can be witness, judge and ‘executioner’? Did little rabbit Foo Foo really deserve such a fate? Does anyone deserve such a fate? Did he have justice? These points are currently lost on my 4 year old daughter but ones
for older readers to mull on perhaps? 
18th January '15
Read to a child aged 2
Little Rabbit Foo Foo 9780744598001
5 stars
Have read this book more times that I can remember. From aged 2-5 this has been an absolute family favourite - funny, irreverent, lovely repetition that has children squealing with laughter! No dewy eyed picture book, strong colours, fabulous rhyme and cheeky story.
25th May '16
I read it to ToyStoryTot aged 3 aged 3 & to TwinkleBubs aged 1 aged 1
Little Rabbit Foo Foo 9780744598001
5 stars
This book is an absolute joy to read - or in my case sing. One of my children's favourite bedtime stories, guaranteed to have them laughing and joining in. A rather naughty rabbit takes the lead in this cheeky, repetitive rhyming story. Little Rabbit Foo Foo is riding through the forest, scooping up the creatures and bopping them on the head. But wait...along comes a Good Fairy who doesn't like his attitude and implores him to behave by giving him 3 chances. If he doesn't change, he will be turned into a GOONIE! 
A lovely story with fun illustrations, teaching children in a relaxed way that our actions will have consequences. 
10th January '18
I read it to EricPeter aged 3 aged 3
Little Rabbit Foo Foo 9780744598001
5 stars
Michael Rosen is a favourite of mine - I've used his poems frequently at school, and was delighted to find this silly, silly tale for my son. He loves it because it is very funny, and actually it is quite useful in demonstrating that you only have a certain number of warnings about continuing to do a naughty thing! This is always a fun story to read together, and one that we come back to. 
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Born in Harrow in 1946, Michael Rosen is a brilliant and energetic author and poet. He has written 140 books on a wide variety of subjects, from Shakespeare to fellow author Roald Dahl but is probably best known for his fabulous and quirky poems.

At seventeen he decided he would like to be a doctor...

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