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"Stick Man lives in the family tree
With his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three."

But it's dangerous being a Stick Man. A dog wants to play with him,
a swan builds her nest with him. He even ends up on a fire!
Join Stick Man on his troublesome journey back to the family tree.

Stick Man Reviews | Toppsta


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9th February '16
I read it to Bez aged 4 aged 4
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
The illustrations in this book were lovely, and helped to tell the story and develop a child's imagination. The story was easy to follow and the stick man was a likeable character. My son has asked to read this book several times the week after it was purchased.
22nd June '16
I read it to Eric aged 5 aged 5 & to Nutmeg aged 3 aged 3
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
One of Julia Donaldson best books my girls love so and so do I,it's quite a sad story to begin with but the stick man finds his way home with a jolly fat guy.its a must read at xmas time.
21st February '17
I read it to eric_ aged 3 aged 3
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
Bought this book for Christmas and it was a success. I couldn't imagine before how a "stick" could be subject of such an interesting story and it is adorable (thanks to the wonderful work of Donaldson and illustrator Scheffler). It starts with a sad but funny series of adventures that makes a stick man be separated from his family and even Santa is part of this cute story. My son likes to listen to all the adventures and always is anxious to Santa's appearance in the story. After reading this so many times, any walk in the park or in the woods will never be the same again. 
12th June '16
I read it to Belle aged 7 aged 7 & to Harri aged 4 aged 4
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
As always Julia Donaldson does not fail to deliever.  A wonderful,scary , sad but happy story with a lovely guest appearance at the end.  My children absolutely adore this story they love joining in as a read and the rhyming styles is brilliant.
16th October '16
I read it to RubyShep aged 2 aged 2
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
love reading this book to my daughter, she enjoys the story and the way the story rhymes
30th April '17
I read it to JJ aged 6 aged 6 & to Li aged 6 aged 6
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
Love this story. all about a little stick family, Daddy, Mummy and Child Stick. It tells of Stick Mans adventures when he accidently gets taken from his home in a Dogs mouth, and ends up on all sorts of adventures before finally ending up safely back at home. Beautiful illustrations and with rhyming verses this kept my children entertained and allowed them to learn the story - so much so they are able to now read it to me. 
1st June '16
I read it to HarryB aged 6 aged 6
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
Another  family favourite from Julia Donaldson. The text flows beautifully and tells a heart-warming story. I'd happily read this to my son every night!
7th September '16
I read it to Soopa aged 1 aged 1
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
If it were possible to give this one six stars then I would!  We love this one as a family, sometimes my husband and I read it together with our little girl. It's the story of stick man trying to find his way back to his family and the obstacles he meets on the way - all in the context of a brilliant story - the wording is magical. We plan to read this every Christmas Eve with our little girl.  Perfect wintery, feel-good, family book.
13th October '17
I read it to JasperM555 aged 2 aged 2
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
A fantastic Julia Donaldson classic and perfect for this time of year as we're just learning who Santa is! 

This is a firm favourite right now, Stick Man's adventures are funny, heartwarming and Jasper loves yelling out "watch out!" to the Stick Man each time! 

Would massively recommend this book to anyone, a Julia D fan or not! 
1st March '17
I read it to FreddyBoggis aged 4 aged 4
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
My little boy loves this book, one of his favourites. Great story with catchy rhyming text. Stick man gets lost and has quite an adventure, but with some exciting help he finds his way back to the family tree. Would recommend this book.
26th May '16
I read it to Lily aged 3 aged 3 & to RoseMars aged 3 aged 3
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
Both my three year old girl twins and I love this book. We love the charming and funny illustrations. The characters where incredibly likable and you could really feel the Stick Man's anguish as he tries to get back to the family he loves so very much. I am not ashamed to say that the first time I read it I cried tears of joy at the end, as did one of my girls. A beautiful, heartfelt modern classic.
25th August '16
I read it to Safara aged 6 aged 6
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
Julia Donaldson is on top form once again with this book. My daughter enjoyed spotting characters in the pictures which have also featured in the Gruffalo story book by Julia Donaldson also. 
A nice easy reading mini adventure story with a certain phrase repeated quite a few times throughout which my daughter enjoyed as she could join in and feel more involved.
17th October '16
I read it to Darcie aged 6 aged 6
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
One of my daughters favourite books and always a bedtime story favourite. pictures are great. 
4th November '16
I read it to Ragdollkhanbaby aged 4 aged 4
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
This is probably our favourite book in our house, the stick man story is so sweet, great illustrations and helped with the gorgeous adaptation which took place on the telly last Christmas, we read it all year round, it sparks the imagination and we are often looking out for stick man on our travels.  Highly recommended
8th November '16
I read it to RCHogan aged 2 aged 2 & to AIHogan aged 1 aged 1
Stick Man 9781407106175
5 stars
This is a gem of a book; definitely a firm favourite in our house. Beautiful rhyming prose, gorgeous illustrations and themes of family, devotion and imagination are strong throughout.
The tale of Stick Man is somewhat tragic in parts - but heart-warming and family-centred. it opens with a family Christmas but an unfortunate series of events unfolds the next day when he goes for a jog and is picked up by a dog...! Stick Man then spends most of the story trying to get back to his family and the Family Tree but is intercepted at every turn! The penultimate event involves helping (and being helped by) Father Christmas so it makes a nice addition alongside traditional Christmas tales. He does make it home in the end - so the story finishes on a high. My daughter does struggle to maintain her attention for the entire story - but my son is focussed until the end, so really a story for toddlers rather than babies if you're going for a start-to-finish run though. 
The follow-on activities from this story are vast: we've done lots of art activities, pretend play and sensory play using sticks, inspired by the plot. The Stick Man trail by the National Trust was excellent.
My son regularly chooses this book for his bedtime story - which is enough of a recommendation for me!
29th June '16
Luca2012 read it themselves aged 4 aged 4
Stick Man 9781407106175
4 stars
We read this book every night for about three months - my son and daughter both love it! The rhyming nature of the words makes it really appealing for younger audiences, and they can join in with the repeated sections.
I must admit this started to drive me mad after having to read it so much, but it is a sweet and charming book.
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