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A special, beautiful, gold-embossed 10th-anniversary edition of this winning story of unconditional family love, from the creators of Guess How Much I Love You.

In this heart-meltingly gorgeous, reassuring story, three little bear siblings one day begin to wonder: how can they all be the "most wonderful baby bears in the whole wide world" to their parents? Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear must set about reassuring their three little bears - who are all different - that each one of them is equally special and equally loved.

You're All My Favourites Reviews | Toppsta


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5th March '17
I read it to Hstar aged 9 aged 9 , to Jemt aged 6 aged 6 & to CallieT aged 1 aged 1
You're All My Favourites 9781406349788
5 stars
This book has a lovely message that all my three children love.  The story is simple to follow with gorgeous illustrations. The three baby bears want to know who is Mummy and Daddy's favourite but their parents explain how they love them all.  This really helped my older children adapting to a new sibling arrive.  We love this story.
4th November '18
I read it to RUBYB aged 6 aged 6 & to Heidibarnes aged 4 aged 4
You're All My Favourites 9781406349788
5 stars
A beautiful book about three little bears who question how they can all be important and the best bear! Would be a great book to read to a new brother or sister! A lovely bedtime read
21st February '16
I read it to Piglet aged 4 aged 4
You're All My Favourites 9781406349788
5 stars
A wonderful and reassuring picture book that helps children to understand that parents love all their children equally. The story is about three baby bears who one day wonder who their parents love the most.  The answers of the parent bears are very heart- warming. The book expresses sympathetically the worries that young children can have and provides warm and reassuring answers. I would definitely recommend this for any families with siblings. A beautiful and charming story.
12th October '18
I read it to AvaW aged 5 aged 5 & to Whitehead aged 3 months aged 0
You're All My Favourites 9781406349788
5 stars
A lovely book I read to my 2 youngest (baby and my 5yr old). Its a lovely story, about 3bears who want to know if their mom has a favourite/loves them all the same. Its relatable to my daughter as I have 3 children, and its nice as she is at the age to understand the moral of the story. A lovely story about family love
16th May '17
I read it to Ckelly2013 aged 4 aged 4
You're All My Favourites 9781406349788
5 stars
A lovely and sweet story about a bear family. 3 different little bears ask their mum and dad who is their favourite bear. 
Lovely answers to their questions. 
Beautifully illustrated and a kind of story I'd read again and again to my daughter. 
17th July '18
I read it to aiwilford aged 6 aged 6 & to mrwilford aged 4 aged 4
You're All My Favourites 9781406349788
4 stars
A warm story about three bears who want to know who their parents favourite is. The parents answers are perfect and it can help little ones understand that their parents have no favourites either. Lovely illustrations and a nice meaning to the story. 
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