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This is Book 1 in the Your Faith Series. See all Your Faith books here.

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11th January '19
I read it to AnnaMP aged 7 aged 7 & to HugoMP aged 5 aged 5
Christianity 9781910512944
5 stars
My husband and I were very keen to introduce different faiths and cultures early on in our children's lives, to give them a better understanding of the religious beliefs and cultural traditions of those around them. As our children are young, we agreed that any 'teaching' needed to be done with a light touch, and be informative and interesting. While looking around for appropriate reading material, we came across the 'Your Faith collection' series, this Christianity book being one of 6 books in the collection (the others being Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism. The books are bright, colourful and the size of picture books.  Each book starts with a simple definition of religion in general and then goes on to explain about the particular religion being covered.  Further chapters cover subjects such as core tenets, places of worship, special ceremonies and celebrations, religious books, and a few short facts.

I like these books because they are factual, engaging, easy to understand and short enough to read through in 5 minutes or so, depending on the amount of questions I get asked.  They have prompted lots of interest from the kids, both specific to the religion we have been reading about, and more generally, such as wanting to know if it's ok to celebrate our friends' festivals, if they are of a different religion to us.  That's exactly what we wanted to achieve - curious and engaged family discussions about faith and its place in our lives - and so these books have been a definite hit.
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