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"A true genius ...Roald Dahl is my hero" David Walliams Matilda's parents have called her some terrible things, but the truth is she's a genius and they're the stupid ones. Underestimating Matilda proves to be a big mistake as they, along with her spiteful headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, soon find out when Matilda discovers she has a very special power.

Matilda Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9780141346342
  • Pub Date: 7th February 2013
  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • Imprint:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 256

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13th February '16
Rose read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
Matilda 9780141346342
5 stars
Poor Matilda, how awful to have parents who don't encourage you to read books.  I read books all the time.  One day Matilda discovers that she has super powers and that is when her world changes.  I was so envious so I pretended to my brothers and sisters that I had her superpowers.  I loved this book so so so much and my brothers and sisters all enjoyed it as well.  
4th March '16
Bobbin read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
Matilda 9780141346342
5 stars
Maltida is an awesome girl. Despite parents who view her with distain and in no way encourage her love of books, Maltida finds a way to read, and against all odds excels at school. As ever Ronald Dahl speaks to children in a way that it engaging and unpatronizing. He really understood that children are able to read about unpleasant issues and love revolting humour. My son absolutely loved this book, even during some very sad sections. And you can't help but root for Maltilds throughout the book. Highly recommended.
22nd February '16
I read it to BBear07 aged 8 aged 8 & to Rat-rat09 aged 6 aged 6
Matilda 9780141346342
5 stars
Read this to both children aged 6&8 a chapter a night before bed.
Youngest was doing Dahl as s school topic (eldest did it last year) so he chose to read this one.
They absolutely loved the story and looked forward to snuggling in and finding out how Matilda next outwits her awful parents. They laughed when the bullies of the book got what they deserved!! 
The children loved the happy ending and would recommend to third friends and other children their ages. They preferred the book to the film too - but also enjoyed the film.
1st November '15
Elliemai read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
Matilda 9780141346342
5 stars
This story is about a girl names Matilda who discovers she has a magical power, she can move things with her mind.   When she starts school she is met by a horrible head teacher called miss trunchball.  This book is really good I did not want to put it down.
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