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Zog is the keenest dragon in school. He's also the most accident-prone. Luckily, a mysterious little girl always comes by and patches up his bumps and bruises. But will she be able to help him with his toughest test: capturing a princess? This is a wonderfully funny new story from the creators of "The Gruffalo" and "Stick Man".

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19th April '17
I read it to Vivi1803 aged 5 aged 5 & to Dompom98 aged 6 aged 6
Zog 9781407115597
5 stars
I read this book to my 5 year girl and 6 year old boy they absolutely love it with the rhymes In book. There's a princess for girls and dragons and knights for the boys. Illustrations are brilliant too
1st September '17
I read it to Squirt aged 3 aged 3
Zog 9781407115597
5 stars
Another great Julia Donaldson story. S loved the friendly dragons and all their lessons and I love the princess who wanted to be a doctor instead! Good role model for girls-you don't need to be rescued and you can be what you want! 
23rd September '17
I read it to FreddyBoggis aged 5 aged 5
Zog 9781407115597
5 stars
Another great book from this author, its a really fun story. Zog is the biggest and keenest dragon in dragon school. But he also has accidents. The girl is always there to help him but when he has to find a princess luckily the girl is one. A great book which my littl boy enjoyed.
21st July '17
I read it to eric_ aged 3 aged 3
Zog 9781407115597
5 stars
Wow! I love how Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler get it right over and over again! It's a book about dragons, but not just about dragons, they're in a school and learning things year by year, to which kids can relate to, but above this, it's about a girl always helping the clumsy dragon and she wants to be a doctor. She thinks that is much more interesting than being a princess. And then the dragon decides to help the flying doctors and turn that into his career. 

A nice mixture of real life into dragon's fairy tales. It might be a bit of a long story for a 3 year old, but it went by so fast, that my son didn't feel it at all and loved it, he said: "he liked EvERY part of the story".  
25th February '15
I read it to MicahW aged 5 aged 5
Zog 9781407115597
5 stars
My 5year old son loves this book. It's about a dragon going through dragon school, learning all the things you need to know as a dragon such as breathing fire, rescuing princesses. Rhymes are great, illustrations are fab. It's a nice story, could be enjoyed by a girl or boy.
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