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Calling all Treehouse Superfans

31st October 2019


Obsessed with Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton’s wacky Treehouse adventure series?
Love a good joke?
Want a free copy of new Treehouse title, The Treehouse Joke Book?

If the answer’s YES and you enjoy talking about books, then we want to hear from you!

To celebrate the publication of The Treehouse Joke Book, packed full of hilarious jokes and silly one-liners, we’re looking for fans of the series to send in a video review of this brilliantly bonkers new collection. We’d also love you to read your favourite joke or two from the book to make us laugh! The reviews will then be shared online and we’ll pick our favourite video review to win an awesome bundle of Treehouse goodies!

Calling all Treehouse Superfans

If you’re already signed up to our review panel then just let us know and we’ll send you a copy. Otherwise, you'll need to ask a parent/guardian to complete this short form and send your video review to [email protected] by 26th November 2019.

To help you create your video, check out our top tips for filming a fantastic video review:

  • Hold your copy of The Treehouse Joke Book up and show the front cover when doing your video review
  • State your first name and age but do not give your full name or any location details. Tell us what you love about the Treehouse series, why you enjoyed The Treehouse Joke Book and who you’d recommend it to. It would be great if could read your favourite joke or two from the book too!
  • Film your review in landscape – the reviewer should be in the centre of the screen and the camera should be held as still as possible (ask a friend/adult for help)
  • Make sure the background isn’t too bright
  • Ensure there is no background noise (e.g. dogs barking, the hoover on, a child crying)
  • Film the review in a space you feel comfortable in – e.g. an area you usually read in but be aware of what’s in the background (you don’t want any bills or address information showing!)

The ideal length of the review is 30 – 60 seconds. Please send the video review as a .mov or MP4 file (the standard format for most phones).

You can also find more helpful guidelines here.

Whoop! We can’t wait to watch your video review!

Calling all Treehouse Superfans
Book pages Placeholder Book

The Treehouse Joke Book

Find the perfect silly joke in this collection from Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, the creators of the internationally bestselling Treehouse series.

Q: How do monkeys make toast?
A: They put it under a gorilla!

Q: What's grey and powdery?
A: Instant elephant mix!

From Bears to Birds, Penguins to Pirates, School to Space, The Treehouse Joke Book is packed full of hilarious jokes and silly one-liners that will make anyone laugh their socks off. The perfect gift for any Treehouse fan, join Andy and Terry as they find the ideal joke for any occasion!


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