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    If you’re serious about football, you’re probably already a fan of the social media phenomenon that is ChrisMD. He has over 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, 1 million followers on Instagram and in 2018 he published his first book Thrills, Skills and Molehills. He shot to fame with his videos about Sunday League football, endearing himself to fans of the beautiful game with his cheeky grin, his passion for the sport and his self-deprecating humour. Aside from covering his antics in his Sunday League team, his YouTube channel is a destination for FIFA videos, football challenges and even features stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. 
    Real name, Chris Dixon, ChrisMD lives in Jersey, is an avid Arsenal supporter and has been vlogging since 2012 when he was just sixteen years old. Starting out with gaming videos, his first upload was a Call of Duty gameplay video, he quickly moved on to FIFA and it was his football vlogs that gained him the most fans. He is now twenty two and gets over two million views per video making him one of the most popular YouTubers in the UK. His most watched videos include ones he has made with other famous YouTube stars the Sidemen and some extreme football challenges. His family, his sister and cousins, also feature in his videos, notably in the “NERF wars” videos he uploads each time he hits a million more subscribers.
    Chris describes his first book as the “football book he’s always wanted to read” and it covers football challenges, Sunday League moments and of course his own incredible YouTube journey. Discover everything from his vital stats (a couple of spoilers he is 5 ft 8 and scored 17 goals in his best football season!) as well as some great photos and links to never before seen YouTube videos. Kids will love the insights into life as a YouTuber with its highs and lows, from embarrassments to playing at Wembley.